Six Nations Sexual Health Services

Six Nations Sexual Health

Sexual Health Painting by Adam W. Martin

Detailed description of painting:  Six Nations Sexual Health Website

Adam W. Martin
Six Nations of the Grand, b.1976

Sexual Health

Acrylic on Canvas
30” X 22”

This painting was inspired by floral patterns regularly found in beadwork by artists of many Metis and First Nations cultures.  The figures are made up of a single plant of which they are both growing from and are surrounded by demonstrating interconnectedness of life.  They are close together in an embrace to depict a relationship built on mutual respect.  Deep green leaves and warm sprouting flowers reflect a strong and healthy relationship.

Permission has been granted to reproduce, edit and make changes to the supplied image. No further consultation will be required if the image is used for the intended purposes of sexual health.  Adam W. Martin will retain ownership of the original painting and will NOT be used again for any other commercial purposes.

Thank you to Arthur K. Martin, Redwhip Studio, for his media design of the sexual health banner used on this website.